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About Seoul Campus:

E-learning courses designed to share Seoul's knowledge

We offer a variety of e-learning courses on Seoul's urban policy in eight distinct fields, including Urban Planning, Housing, Public Transportation, Energy, Water and Waste Management, e-Government, and Urban Security.   
All of our courses are designed for self-paced learning, and are available free of charge. With a rich mixture of contents focused on targeted learning of Seoul’s best practices for the creation of a sustainable city, accompanied by illustrative case studies, our courses not only fulfill the needs of experienced professionals wishing to update their skills but also make often complex urban topics accessible to novice learners.

All of our courses are modular and suited to "Just-in-Time" learning. You can take a specific lesson whenever you desire or take comprehensive courses, at your own pace and according to your schedule. In addition to the e-learning materials, you will find relevant links to a wide range of online resources, and recommended reports published by Seoul’s urban experts on our website (

Take our free e-learning courses from one of the categories below:

Additionally, all video clips can be downloaded on the VIMEO for your convenience.