• Publication of “Changes to Life in Seoul” (2023)
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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) published its annual Changes to Life in Seoul (ebook) on Tue, Jan. 3 so that readers can easily check out the city’s municipal direction for 2023 at a glance, covering information on new projects and programs to public facilities. This year’s Changes to Life in Seoul (2023) comprises a total of 71 projects across 9 fields, focusing on promoting Seoul as a special city of attractive charms and solidarity. The ebook introduces the city’s major projects for 2023 through illustrations featuring Haechi, the official mascot of Seoul, to convey and explain its municipal direction as a special city of attractive charms and solidarity. The ebook also features a calendar and map that detail the changes to life in Seoul according to month and neighborhood. The ebook has been designed so that citizens can easily understand the core contents of each project, and features a FAQ section that provides information on each project. For details, curious readers can take advantage of online resources via the official SMG website (, database (, and portal ( “Changes to Life in Seoul” will serve as a guide to Seoul’s 71 new projects for 2023, which is more than previous years, and readers will be able to enjoy fun content in the form of card news, video, and more via social media and YouTube, which will also have a promotional effect of informing the public on the city’s new municipal policies and programs.
  • Comprehensive measures against accidents and disasters in summer
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    - Five-month operation of the Seoul Metropolitan Disaster & Safety Countermeasures Headquarters from May 15 to Oct. 15, taking actions against anticipated disasters from ensuing four categories: 1. Extreme heat: Reinforced support for senior citizens, homeless citizens, persons with disabilities, flophouse residents, and low-income citizens 2. Flood: Implementation of flooding prediction and warning system, expansion of flood-prevention facilities, and enhancement of safety measures for the socially marginalized 3. Safety: Strengthening safety inspection and management of public facilities, such as performance venues and parks, as well as accident-prone locations like construction sites 4. Health: Preparation of rapid return to normalcy, prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, safety management of public food, and reduction of air pollution The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is poised to operate the Seoul Metropolitan Disaster & Safety Countermeasures Headquarters for five months starting on May 15, intensifying implementation of its disaster-control measures in an effort to immaculately counter against potential accidents and disasters consequent of the heat wave and heavy rains this summer. The city plans to run some 4,200 cooling shelters by augmenting 800 more of such. Starting this year, the city aims to reinforce support for vulnerable groups, benefitting them with energy vouchers to suffer less from extreme hot weather. Seoul will also implement its flooding prediction and warning system for the first time in the country and the local disaster assistance program designed to help people residing in semi-basement apartments evacuate with help from neighbors. (Extreme heat) The city will install some 4,200 cooling centers for citizens to escape from scorching heat. It is also planning to provide customized support and protection to the socially disadvantaged: mobile showering booths to homeless citizens, air-conditioners to flophouse residents, and emergency relief services to people with severe mobility disabilities. (Flood)The city will designate 13 working-level teams within the headquarters on emergency duty around-the-clock to take precaution against torrential rains and minimize damages from the downpours this summer. Under the flooding prediction and warning system, those teams will be in charge of taking actions against heavy rainfalls and possible disasters as well as manage the local disaster assistance program so that residents of semi-basement apartments are able to evacuate swiftly in advance. Moreover, the teams will be responsible for building flood-prevention facilities around underground houses, small-sized commercial zones, and heavy traffic roads. (Safety) The city is scheduled to take preemptive safety measures by conducting severe disaster prevention fallbacks against typhoon outbreaks and strong wind. An inspection group is planning to conduct safety review on some 2,500 construction sites. In addition, the group will monitor subway stations and bus stops as well as performance venues and areas around the Hangang River where a number of people frequents. (Health) The city is also preparing for adjustments in line with the central government’s easing of COVID-19 quarantine protocols and the return to normalcy as of Jun. 1. Starting next month with the downgraded level from the highest class 1 to class 2, the COVID-19 isolation period will be reduced from the current mandatory seven days to a recommended five days. The city will continue to support the people with medical treatments for the time being as a transitional measure. An SMG official said, “Since heavy rains and extreme heat are highly anticipated this summer due to aggravating climate change, Seoul will do its utmost to protect citizens and properties from disasters by carrying out robust and impeccable safety measures. We urge all people to take the flood prediction and warning system into consideration and actively join in our energy-saving efforts during this summer.”  
  • Happy Parents Project to take care of 430,000 multi-children families
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    - Announcement of a support plan for “multi-children families” with two or more children as the city’s third measure following the support for infertile couples and pregnant women   1. Relaxed standard for multiple children from 3 to 2 2. Free admission or 50% discount to 13 public facilities in Seoul, including Seoul Grand Park 3. Expanded eligibility for “multi-children card” membership to age 18 4. Expansion of additional points for long-term lease housing with eased preferential supply standards to increase opportunities for occupancy and reduce housing cost burden 5. Support for free children’s insurance for children under 24 months of multi-children families 6. Reduced burden of educational expenses for multi-children families by expanding the number of Seoul Learn subscribers The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held a talk show as part of Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s Happy Parents Project. Mayor Oh Se-hoon announced that he will strengthen support for 430,000 multi-children families to alleviate their economic burden of raising multiple children. Their burden is twice or triple the normal cost and labor, in a situation where the number of multi-child families is decreasing due to the intensifying ultra-low birth rate. This is the third countermeasure against low birth rates following the supports for infertile couples and pregnant women. The city’s standard for multiple children will be relaxed from 3 to 2, and admission fees for 13 public facilities directly operated or consigned by the city, such as Seoul Grand Park and Seoul Science Museum, as well as lesson fees will be available for free or at half price. The city’s multi-children card will be upgraded by drastically relaxing the issuance qualification limit from age 13 to age 18 starting in July. This will increase the number of households receiving benefits by 49% from about 290,000 to about 430,000; children will be able to receive various benefits such as transportation expenses, cultural facility fees, and discounts on academies, bookstores, and study cafes until they graduate from high school. In addition, the highest additional points (5 points) given to families with 5 or more children when selecting tenants for long-term lease housing will be alleviated to those with 3 or more children, expanding the opportunity for multi-child families. The subscription fee for children’s insurance will be fully supported for all families with multiple children under 24 months, and the households with three or more children will be supported from the second child to join Seoul Learn, reducing the burden of education expenses. “I think that parents of many children who are struggling to raise their children, when marriage and childbirth are avoided, are the heroes of this era,” said Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon. “For families with multiple children, public facilities operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be available for free or at half price, and the benefits limited to children under the age of 13 will also be extended to those aged 18.” He added, “We will continue to implement policies that prioritize multi-child families, such as lowering the threshold for moving into long-term lease housing to alleviate the burden of housing costs, which will ease the economic burden even a little.”  
  • Seoul launches 2023 Seoul dog patrol program to protect communities
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    - Kick-off ceremony of the 2023 Seoul dog patrol program held at Yeouido Hangang Park on Apr. 30 - Attended by a total of 700 selected teams - Dog walking and patrolling at the same time, leading to safety improvements and ties to their community   The Seoul Autonomous Police Commission hosted the launch ceremony of the 2023 Seoul dog patrol program at Yeouido Hangang Park on Sun, Apr. 30. Amid a growing number of families caring for pet dogs, the patrol program is organized as a part of new security initiative that aims to detect and report danger or potential crimes while out for a walk. Considering that pets and their owners may recognize potentially dangerous situations while out for a walk, when a patrol member discovers possible hazards, such as a heavily intoxicated individual lying on the ground or a severely damaged facility, the member volunteers to report via 112 or 120. Last year, a total of 284 dog patrol teams from nine administrative districts reported 1,962 cases to ensure a safer neighborhood and improve the surrounding environment. One such case that was reported in the news media is detailed below. While on voluntary patrol, members of the program gain a greater interest in their community, providing a valuable service that brings real improvements to security in the community while feeling rewarded at the same time. “After launching the Seoul Autonomous Police Commission, the dog patrol program began as a pilot project based on concerns for what we can do protect our neighborhood ourselves,” said Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon. “The program has expanded to all administrative districts in Seoul thanks to proactive participation of many pet owners since last year.” The commission said that it will further support the program through continuous safety and patrol training for its patrol members. Through enrollment in accident insurance, the commission is expected to do its utmost to ensure the safety of all members and citizens as well as push forward with the program as a core Autonomous Police Commission project.  


  • The Seoul Institute Annual Research Digest & Abstracts 2021・2022
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    This book deals with a range of fields in urban policy. It is divided into two parts: Part One (The Seoul Institute Annual Research Digest 2021·2022) provides brief summaries of 15 major research studies conducted in 2020 and 2021. Part Two (The Seoul Institute Annual Research Abstracts 2021) contains the abstracts of 54 research reports published in 2021.  We hope this book provides a good reference to understand urban issues of Seoul and its innovative policy solutions with meaningful implications for cities around the world. Contents  Editor’s Note The Seoul Institute Annual Research Digest 2021・2022 01. Social Policy 02. Urban Planing 03. Economy 04. Transportation Planning 05. Environmental planning 06. City Diplomacy The Seoul Institute Annual Research Abstracts 2021 01. Social Policy 02. Urban Planning 03. Economy 04. Urban Administration 05. Transportation Planning 06. Environmental planning 07. City Diplomacy
  • [Video] Global Startup City, Seoul_startup-friendly policies
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  • [Video] Smart City, Seoul_smart city policies
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  • [Video] Clean and Clear City, Seoul_environmental policies
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  • MITI – Metropolis International Training Institute

The main mission of the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) is to strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of local and metropolitan authorities and their leaders for better public governance.

The Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) is the training and learning center of Metropolis, established in 1996.Today, MITI counts on headquarters located in Seoul, and four regional centers: Cairo, Mashhad, Mexico City and Paris (Île-de-France). Formerly located in Montreal, the headquarters have been transferred to Seoul after a decision taken at the Metropolis Board of Directors’ meeting in Guangzhou, in 2012.

With its relaunch in Seoul, MITI enters a new era of knowledge dissemination, with the boosted activation of its regional centers. MITI will spare no efforts to operate training programs in line with other Metropolis activities, for all members of the Association, and also for its institutional partners and affiliated cities.
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  • 공유도시(Sharing City) 서울은?

시간, 공간, 재능, 물건, 정보 등 누구나 소유하고 있는 것을 함께 나누어 활용함으로써 쓰지 않고 놀리는 자원을 효율적으로 활용하고, 지역경제를 활성화하며, 이웃과 공동체 의식도 형성하고, 환경에도 이로운 활동인 '공유'가 활성화된 도시입니다.

'공유도시 서울' 정책을 추진하게 된 이유는?

복지, 환경, 일자리 등에서 사회적 수요는 급증하고 있으나 한정된 예산과 자원으로 이를 해결하는데 많은 어려움이 있습니다. 또한 급격한 도시화로 공동체 의식이 실종되었고, 과잉소비에 따른 자원고갈과 환경오염 문제가 지속적으로 발생하고 있습니다.
이러한 해결이 어려운 도시의 경제적, 사회적, 환경적 문제들을 '공유'라는 새로운 방법을 통해 완화시켜 나가고자 합니다.