• Real time Status of IoT Censors in Seoul
    Blockchain and IoT to Take Care of Seoul’s Decaying Private Buildings
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    Blockchain and IoT to Take Care of Seoul’s Decaying Private Buildings SMG will build a “Blockchain-based Safety Checkup Platform for Risky Structures” and manage building’s safety based on digital data Using the IoT sensors attached to buildings, the city will monitor and send warning signals when risks are detected Starting with 46 buildings for test operation in December, the system will be applied to 824 old buildings in Seoul from 2022 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 8, 2021 –For the first time in Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) applies blockchain and IoT to the safety management of old private buildings. With cutting-edge technologies, the system will automatically detect and prevent risk factors of buildings. The SMG will introduce a “Blockchain-based Safety Checkup Platform for Risky Structures” in December to take care of 824 buildings that are more than 30 years old or designated as facilities prone to disasters. So far, officials have had to visit the buildings for on-site inspections. Seoul, however, aims to switch current safety inspections from in-person to digital. For example, IoT sensors attached to the wall measures the slope and cracks of a building. Then, blockchain networks save and analyze the data to prove the accuracy of such information and abnormal changes to the structure. Once risks are detected, safety alert text messages are sent to the district office and the building owner so that they can take preventive measures. The SMG, the autonomous district office, and the owners can monitor the current status and other data 24/7 via computers and smartphones. This is the very first case of converging blockchain technologies with IoT. Blockchain technologies, in particular, guarantee transparent history management, nipping forgery and falsification in the bud. The accuracy and security will be enhanced further as well. Seoul expects to identify dangerous situations, take preemptive measures, and secure data more effectively once it kickstarts the platform. In addition, objective data is expected to allow the city government to determine the cause of various safety accidents. Such data can also be used to settle conflicts related to safety incidents and establish better safety management measures. Buildings subjective to the platform are hazardous buildings designated and managed by the municipality, dilapidated buildings built more than three decades ago, and slopes near housing, such as breast walls and artificial faces of slopes. *As of May 2021, there are 120 hazardous buildings, 598 small dilapidated buildings, and 106 slopes near housing. From this September, the SMG intends to attach IoT sensors to approximately 46 old private buildings in 25 districts as a pilot project in December. The city has a plan to expand the project to 824 decaying buildings across the capital from 2022. Kim Seong-Bo, Deputy Mayor of Housing & Architecture Headquarters of Seoul, said, “By applying leading technologies in managing the safety of uildings, the SMG will shape a reliable architectural administration for our citizens. As a result, we will improve the predictability of safety management for private buildings, and thus prevent numerous kinds of safety accidents.” <Real time Status of IoT Censors in Seoul> <Status of Safety Management for Risky Structures>
  • Opening of Seoul Startup Hub Ho Chi Minh, Seoul’s First Global Startup Hub
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    Opening of Seoul Startup Hub Ho Chi Minh, Seoul’s First Global Startup Hub Economy & Investment News The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) opened Seoul Startup Hub Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.   Seoul Startup Hub Ho Chi Minh aims to help domestic startups lay the foundation for its expansion into overseas markets through aggressive support from international public agencies. This first global hub of Seoul Startup is the first international case of the SMG’s startup support policy being implemented as a startup support program. Seoul startups that wish to expand their business in Vietnam will receive comprehensive support through customized assistance–from office space and commercialization to technological exchanges and network opportunities with local companies as well as partnering with investors and establishing international corporations. The SMG is looking for opportunities in Vietnam, a rapidly rising market that is breaking records in terms of the number of startups and sales. The Ho Chi Minh hub will become a platform to bring about tangible outcomes related to the advancement of Korean startups and boost networks which can promote commercialization of global technology. Seoul startups attracted massive foreign investment lately and expanded its power in overseas markets. Seizing this opportunity, the SMG plans to forge strong networks between public and private sectors, and closely collaborate with international public agencies and organizations, global companies, financial institutions and others. The SMG has supported startups in Seoul to penetrate the global market and Asian market, where the demand for the technologies of Korean startups is particularly high, through a network of Vietnamese and Chinese governments, overseas private investment institutions such as LongHash, a Singapore accelerator, and other specialized entities in different industries.
  • Start of Seoul RAIM Construction for Industry 4.0 Tech Experience and Education
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    Start of Seoul RAIM Construction for Industry 4.0 Tech Experience and Education Urban Planning News The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is scheduled to open Seoul Robot & AI Museum (Seoul RAIM) in 2023 as a hub to provide various industry 4.0 tech experience and educational programs. Seoul RAIM is a specialized science museum functioning as a cutting-edge center and cultural facility that will lead Industry 4.0 in the northeast. The museum will serve as a science and culture network connecting universities, institutes, companies, researchers, and citizens reinvigorating the region. The SMG held a groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site near Chang-dong Station on May 20. Robots developed by six domestic enterprises delivered contributions in every moment of the event by practicing disease control and prevention protocol, providing guidance, moderating the event, breaking ground, and giving performances. The first floor of the museum will be designated as an exhibition space to hold a multitude of exhibitions on a massive scale, equipped with AR/VR rooms, educational spaces, and labs. Citizens of all generations can experience Industry 4.0 tech through exhibitions and educational programs. The museum also offers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge scientific technologies such as robotics, AR and VR, holography through close collaboration with businesses, not to mention an in-depth course that allows you to encounter state-of-the-art robotic technologies. Korea’s northeast region is concentrated with the most technology institutes and universities. The museum will benefit from the regional advantage, forge a cooperative system between universities, institutes, and businesses in the region, and nurture creative, comprehensive, and high-skilled professionals. The goal is to create an organic cycle between exhibition, education, and research to create a hub for science and culture that connects researchers and citizens. “We will put our utmost effort into making Seoul RAIM not only represent the northeast region, but also become a landmark of South Korea,” said Mayor Oh Se-hoon.
  • Seoul’s Citywide Expansion of Crime Prevention Safety Program
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    Seoul’s Citywide Expansion of Crime Prevention Safety Program Welfare, Health & Security News The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will be expanding its safety program for one-person female households to cover all 25 districts this year from the previous 11 implemented last year. Seoul’s safety program seeks to provide support to one-person female households as well as businesses that are geographically and environmentally vulnerable to crime. The SMG will provide one-person female households with safety home security sets comprising a sliding door latch for added door lock security, a portable SOS bell in case of emergency situations, a window lock device that prevents windows from opening more than a certain width, and a smart safety sensor that reports any detected suspicious movement via smartphone. The SMG will provide one-person female businesses with wireless emergency bells that are connected to the CCTV control rooms of district offices for emergency dispatch. Applications for both the home security set and wireless emergency bell will be accepted on 18 district office websites starting Jun. 1 to provide assistance to about 1,500 households and businesses. Additionally, the SMG will formulate a budget for expanded support to districts that weren’t supported in the first half of the year.  


  • The world-renowned water of Seoul ARISU_2021 (Brochure)
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    Arisu is Seoul's tap water brand for its 10 million citizens. It continues to utilize data-based digital innovation and meticulous water control so anyone can enjoy high-quality tap water without inconvenience.Seoul's tap water, which boasts 110 years of history, is being recognized as high quality water not only in Korea, but also worldwide. Seoul Waterworks Authority boasts strict water quality management and thorough risk management system from water supply sources to water taps. We successfully implemented an innovative water quality management and operation system through digital technology and open innovation and are supplying healthy and tasty water to Seoul citizens through continuous maintenance of the water supply facilities. Also The Seoul Waterworks Authority has established a department exclusively in charge of international projects, the first of its kind by a local government in the nation, to actively pursue advancement overseas.Based on the excellent technology and know-how accumulated thus far, the department improves waterworks facilities in developing countries, supports Korean businesses’ advancement in water industries overseas, and hosts policy training for waterworks officials from cities around the globe, raising the international status of Seoul's waterworks and contributing to the prosperity of all mankind. Find out more about Seoul Waterworks Authority's excellent water quality management system and oversea projects through their new promotion brochure, "The world renowned water of Seoul ARISU_2021"  
  • The Seoul Institute Annual Research Digest 2020
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    Editor’s Note 01. Social Policy 02. Urban Administration 03. Urban Planning 04. Economy  05. Transportation Planning 06. Environmental planning 07. City Diplomacy
  • Manual of COVID-19 Response Procedure (Seoul Fire&Disaster Headquaters Ver.)
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  • Seoul's Policy Sharing Initiative (Brochure, 2019)
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  • MITI – Metropolis International Training Institute

The main mission of the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) is to strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of local and metropolitan authorities and their leaders for better public governance.

The Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) is the training and learning center of Metropolis, established in 1996.Today, MITI counts on headquarters located in Seoul, and four regional centers: Cairo, Mashhad, Mexico City and Paris (Île-de-France). Formerly located in Montreal, the headquarters have been transferred to Seoul after a decision taken at the Metropolis Board of Directors’ meeting in Guangzhou, in 2012.

With its relaunch in Seoul, MITI enters a new era of knowledge dissemination, with the boosted activation of its regional centers. MITI will spare no efforts to operate training programs in line with other Metropolis activities, for all members of the Association, and also for its institutional partners and affiliated cities.
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  • 공유도시(Sharing City) 서울은?

시간, 공간, 재능, 물건, 정보 등 누구나 소유하고 있는 것을 함께 나누어 활용함으로써 쓰지 않고 놀리는 자원을 효율적으로 활용하고, 지역경제를 활성화하며, 이웃과 공동체 의식도 형성하고, 환경에도 이로운 활동인 '공유'가 활성화된 도시입니다.

'공유도시 서울' 정책을 추진하게 된 이유는?

복지, 환경, 일자리 등에서 사회적 수요는 급증하고 있으나 한정된 예산과 자원으로 이를 해결하는데 많은 어려움이 있습니다. 또한 급격한 도시화로 공동체 의식이 실종되었고, 과잉소비에 따른 자원고갈과 환경오염 문제가 지속적으로 발생하고 있습니다.
이러한 해결이 어려운 도시의 경제적, 사회적, 환경적 문제들을 '공유'라는 새로운 방법을 통해 완화시켜 나가고자 합니다.