[Seoul's News_Traffic] Seoul to Become More Pedestrian-friendly

Date 2017-03-16 Writer ssunha

Seoul to Become More Pedestrian-friendly

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the 2017 Crosswalk Improvement and Expansion Plan. ‘ㄴ’ or ‘ㄷ’ shaped crosswalks in downtown Seoul will be replaced by all-directional crosswalks and diagonal crossings will be installed at crosswalks with heavy passenger flow as well as those that require two or more crossings in the direction of ‘↱’ or ‘↰’.

Furthermore, additional crossings will be installed between crosswalks that are too sparsely located or narrow roads with a heavy passenger volume in order to decrease jaywalking.

Additionally, bright lights that illuminate crosswalks and safety features such as ‘Left View Light’ and ‘Yellow Carpet’ will be added to crosswalks near accident-prone areas and customized pedestrian training will be provided to vulnerable traffic users.

Sejong-daero next to Seoul City Hall

In front of Hwangudan (Seoul Plaza)