[Transportation News] Preview on the Seoul Station Overpass Pedestrian Path

Date 2016-06-30 Writer ssunha
□ 18 meters of a green pedestrian passage of a miniature of Seoul Station Overpass pedestrian passage has been set up where there is a high number of pedestrians at south of Seoul Plaza at the corner of Seoul library. In the miniature passage forms a small garden in the city with various types of tree pot plants such as pine trees, roses etc. In the see through cylinder exhibition hall displays the fully constructed Seoul Station Overpass pedestrian passage using smart media in 3D.

□ Seoul Metropolitan Government announces the opening of the ‘Seoul Station 7017 Info Garden’ on 23rd (Thursday) where people are able to experience the fully converted green pedestrian passage from an existing vehicular road which will complete construction by April 2017. ‘Seoul Station7017 Info Garden’, total space of 218㎡ consists of 2 cylinder structures which will be used as exhibition hall and information hall, 10 tree pots and 3 lights. The design of the Info Garden is by Winy Mass, a renowned Dutch landscape expert who has been selected by the public offering designing competition of

□ In the center, there will be a smart media table where people are allowed to see the history of Seoul station overpass and fully constructed pedestrian passage in 3D media clip. 5 Monitors in the upper part of the exhibition hall will show introduction of , 3 open citizen events of Seoul Station Overpass that was held in 2014 to 2015 and Seoul area sketch tour.

□ The exhibition hall is built with a full glass wall so that people from outside can easily view the inside and also attract interest of those of by-passers on the exhibition and media clips of Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage. The information hall (3.5m*3.8m) will be staffed and will be used to provide information support for Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage and . On top of exhibition and information hall, roses and Japanese red pine trees have been planted to display the green in the city, a merit of the flyover pedestrian passage.

□ 10 Tree pots (5 standard types, 5 bench types) will be placed in the 18 meter miniature pedestrian passage. In the pots there will be plants representing ever greens (Korean red pine, lacebark pine, Japanese red pine, and nut pine) and representing summer greens and plants, rosacea (four season rose, apple tree, Korean mountain ash and Chinese hawthorn) that will provide a garden space for healing to the citizens just by strolling along with the various types of flowers and plants. A big sized bench type tree pot of 1.7 m in diameter will provide the citizens a resting placing under the trees.

□ Operation hours for info garden is Tuesday ~ Sunday weekly 11am to 8pm, closed on Mondays (weekends and public holidays operation hours from 10am to 7pm). Operation starts on the 23rd and after completion of Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage, it will be moved and used at the actual location.

□ Seoul Metropolitan Government holds ‘Seoul Station Overpass pedestrian passage experience event’ on 23rd 10am which is attended by residents adjacent to Seoul Station flyover, citizen committee of Seoul Station 7017 project, Mayor Park Won Soon and designer Winy Maas etc. Attendees will be able to walk the sidewalk on both sides of the info garden and 25m Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage printed virtual space, Info Garden exhibition hall and the greens surrounding it to visualize the actual Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage that they will get to see in the coming year.

□ In this event there will be mini tree pot performances of slotting in the written messages of hope that symbolizes the 600 tree pots that will be placed in the Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage and ‘Story 7017’ by Mayor Park Won Soon and designer Winy Maas on Seoul Station flyover and future city. Besides the main events, in adjacent areas of info garden there will be display of photos to see the history of Seoul station flyover in a glance, flyover pedestrian passage blue print, citizen’s idea public offering competition etc., celebration performances by a musical performance by young musicians and a mime by Sahattana company etc.

□ At Info Garden stage, musical performances, citizen participated plays and at Seoul Plaza new sports programs such as flying disk and gardening experience program using the plants that will be placed on the pedestrian passage are planned (except on 25th due to circumstances at Seoul Plaza there will be no events or performances). On the 26th there will be a ‘Hello, Seoul Strolling’ program, strolling the route from the Info Garden to Seoul Station flyover. Besides this, until November this year, variety of programs with citizens of tree pot donation campaign, flyover comic strip exhibition, Seoul drawing exhibition etc., will be held.

□ Mayor Park Won Soon says ‘Info Garden is a great opportunity to see how a tree pot is going to be placed and how a tree is going to be planted on the Seoul Station flyover pedestrian passage, how the 17 passages connected to the flyover will change through a miniature experience. I wish for citizens interest and support on the that is like reviving an old vehicular road into a pedestrian passage for people, reviving citizens and neighborhoods, reviving the economy, representing the new model of Seoul urban regeneration.’