Closing the digital divide with digital inclusion policy

Date 2022-07-14 Writer seoulsolution

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will unroll new services to close the digital divide in partnership with companies, such as banks and movie theaters, as well as institutions for the elderly and the disabled.

The city will develop and introduce a new kiosk interface with companies, such as Shinhan Bank and CJ CGV, reflecting the opinions of those with reduced digital literacy by the end of this year. The aim is to streamline and simplify UI/UX as much as possible by applying large fonts, using easy-to-read language, and removing unnecessary elements.

Moreover, the city will conduct a campaign to encourage all citizens to take interest in these new kiosks and show patience when users who are unfamiliar with digital devices use the kiosks.

In addition, the city will select 100 digital guides who directly help those in need of digital assistance by making visits across the kiosk locations starting at the end of this month.

Digital guides will visit places where senior citizens usually visit, such as Dongmyo Station, Jegi-dong Station, and Yeonsinnae Station, to inform them on how to use the kiosks and even how to use their smartphone.

The city held an event to announce its digital inclusion policy at Seoul City Hall on Mon, Jul. 11 with Mayor Oh Se-hoon and others in attendance, and launched the Digital Competence Development Council, a public-private partnership network for improved digital literacy and enhanced digital services.

Following the announcement, the city is focusing its efforts on developing digitally accessible kiosks, conducting campaigns to raise public awareness on digital literacy, and opening digital device education programs.

Seoul will promote various programs to close the digital divide by promoting its digital inclusion policy so that all citizens can access and use digital devices as well as enjoy the benefits of digital services without discrimination or exclusion.